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    We want to provide clarity on the account opening process and deposit requirements with the United States Tax Institution, along with a key note about our not-for-profit status.

    Account Opening and Deposit Structure:

    1. Individual Accounts:

      • A one-time refundable deposit of $250 is required for individual accounts.
      • If the applicant has any outstanding tax debt, the deposit requirement is $500.
      • Deposits ensure accounts remain open and active, aligning with regulations and tax guidelines.
    2. Business Accounts:

      • For both the 45-day and 3-month trials, a business account is required.
      • Only the 3-month trial and formal opening of the account necessitate a one-time service bureau deposit of $1,500.
      • These deposits are refundable upon the maturity of the account, with the balance paid out to the account holder or beneficiary.

    Refundable Deposits:

    • All deposits are fully refundable upon the maturity of the account.
    • This measure ensures the stability, compliance, and financial health of your accounts.

    Not-for-Profit Entity:

    • The United States Tax Institution operates as a not-for-profit entity.
    • Our services are provided at no charge, emphasizing our commitment to assisting individuals and businesses in their tax-related endeavors.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these deposit requirements, which play a crucial role in sustaining the effectiveness and compliance of your accounts. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

    Thank you for choosing the United States Tax Institution. We are dedicated to serving your tax-related needs and fostering financial well-being.